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Rota Slit

Many manufacturing processes require product in sacks to be discharged at the infeed point. Powder products have their own set of handling problems, dust containment being high on the list. The COSHH Regulations require employers/business owners to provide a dust-free environment for their process operators to work in. The handling of powders, flakes, pellets etc can be one of the most time consuming, labour intensive and hazardous processes in industry. Thousands of people are affected each year resulting in illnesses as serious as lung disease and cancer. It is important that efficient solutions are made available to combat suffering and also the high economic costs relating to occupational ill health.

For over 25 years Palamatic has been at the forefront of designing sack opening machinery to suit a variety of process related operations. The main objectives of Palamatic’s range of machines is to maximise product retrieval, ensure good house-keeping and help businesses comply with the COSHH Regulations. Once opened the product leaves the machine outlet into onward processing such as into collection hoppers, vibratory screens, screw or aero mechanical conveyors.

As no two manufacturing processes are the same and with individual site plan restrictions to take account for Palamatic has developed a range of machines.

This fully automatic machine is ideal for low to medium throughput operations where 2- 8 sacks per minute need to be opened and discharged.
It’s major benefits include:-

  • Minimal ledges or hang-up points
  • Minimal operator involvement with the sacks
  • Compact foot-print
  • Can be supplied with a wide infeed 1200mm to feed sacks in lengthways across the conveyor for maximum efficincy
  • Handles most types of sacks with and without inner liners
  • The sacks are cut by a single shafted tungsten carbide multi blade system and transferred to the tumble drum for high efficiency product discharge
  • Emptied sacks are ejected by the tumble drum screw auger and disposed of effectively into a directly mounted compactor tube or down a drop chute to a waste sack compactor at floor level
  • Internal meshes deal with the lumpiest of products and fine powders are virtually sieved within the tumble drum
  • Low maintenance, low spares