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Universal Double Sheet Metal Monitor BDK

Double sheet metal monitors and thickness measurement devices monitor the automated destacking and separation of ferrous (Fe) or non-ferrous (NE) metal sheets in metal processing equipment (e.g. presses) with automatic feeding systems such as destackers, robots, feeders, etc. By detecting double sheets or thickness measurement, the presence of two or more sheets stuck together can be reliably detected and the process stopped before the tool or the machine itself are damaged. In the universal BDK system, especially the user-friendly BDK Compact or the very cost-effective BDK Uno and Duo sensors (which do not need an evaluation device), you are certain to find an optimum solution.


Universal unit for the safe double sheet metal detection of ferrous and non-ferrous sheets (single-surface contact and non-contact measurement as well as double-surface non-contact measurement). A system consists of an evaluation device (BDK) and of two sensors maximum. Additional sensors can be connected via T-couplers and/or a sheet thickness sensor switch. Easy and extensive programming of maximally 256 memory locations for different materials and thicknesses with the required sheet metal thickness sensors. With interfaces to the system control as well as to different standard fieldbusses and for the down- and uploading of the program parameters. Sturdy and field-proven versions with numerous applications in the automotive industry.