DAB Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 Event Wrap Up

7 December 2016

DAB – Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 Event Wrap Up

Dear Valued Customer,

We want to sincerely thank all customers who visited DAB Technology’s booth at Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 exhibition booth. A big thank you to all DAB staff members who made this event a huge success! Our DAB exhibition booth indeed attracted many industry professionals interested in our vacuum products and solutions!

At DAB Technology, we live our values.
Unity. Commitment. Innovation. Respect. Integrity.


Yours sincerely,
DAB Technology Pte Ltd

DAB Technology Clinched the Asia Prestige Award 2017/2018

asia-prestige-award-certificateOur continuous pursuit of excellence has lead DAB Technology to receive the Gold Standard Industry – Asia Prestige Award 2017/2018. We are truly honoured to have won this award, and are encouraged to continue in our endeavour to provide market-leading solutions with excellent customer service. DAB Technology will continue to thrive in the Asia-Pacific markets by being competitive & positioning ourselves at the forth front in today’s ever-evolving global economy.

KVG Series

KVG Series


Vacuum Components for Automation
Vacuum Ejector
Micro/Mini Ejectors
Modular Vacuum Pumps
Intelligent Vacuum Pumps
High Flow-rate Vacuum Generators
Multi Stage Ejectors
Suction Cups
Generic Suction Cups
Standard Suction Cups
Special Suction Cups
Suction Cups Accessories
Vacuum Valve
Vacuum Switch and System Monitoring
Mounting Elements
Vacuum Filter and Connections
Dry Vacuum Pump
Oil Free Rotary Vane Pumps
Claw Pumps & Compressors
Piston Pumps
Lobe pumps
Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps
Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps
Oil Bath Vacuum Pumps
Industrial Systems
Hospital Systems
Vacuum Area Gripper
KVG Series
KHVG Series
KSG Series
Vacuum Lifting Equipment
Palamatic Tube Lifters
Handle Options
Control Valve Options
Suction Feet Options
Vacuum Pump Options
Control Handle Options
Suction Feet Options
DABHand and DABHandy Lifting Devices
Crane Systems
Articulated Jib
Swing Jib
Special Components
ASV Stubbes
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Reduce Valves
2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
2-Jaw Parallel G. Long Stroke
3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
3-Jaw Concentric G. Long Stroke
2-Jaw Angular Grippers
2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
2-Jaw Parallel G. Long Stroke
3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
Rotary Grippers
Swivel and Rotary Modules
Rotary Cylinders
Flat Swivel Units
Angle Pivot Units
Swivel Jaws
Linear Modules
Linear Cylinders
Linear Rail Slides
Lifting Cylinders
Robot Accessories
Shock Absorbers
Sensors and Holders
Magnetic Field Sensors
Inductive Proximity Switches
Sensor Cables
Work Clamping System
Machine Tool System
Manual Clamps
Mini Clamps
Pneumatic Gripper Clamps
Pin Clamps
Special Clamps
Shot Pins
Position & Clamp Cylinders
Inductive Proximity Switches
Pulse Sensors
Identification RFID
Double Sheet Detection
Tuff Temp
Conveyor Belting
Combo Belts
Endless Transfer Belts
Fabricated Pads
Flight Bar Pads
Walking Beam Pads
Cooling Table Pads
Steel Based Fabrics
Seamless Tubing
Tapes and Ropes
ABB Automotive Tooling
7th Axis Tooling
Applications & Pictures
Components Grid
Air Connectors
CF Tooling
Lifters and Lifting Tools

KVG Series

KVG Series

Kenos is a young reality working with vacuum gripping systems. We project, produce, sell special systems dedicated to different industrial segments. Professionalism, quality, speed are characteristics that well describe us. Characteristic necessary to answer at growing needs of customers and international markets. Our long experience in vacuum and in his applications, allow us to be a solid consultant and partner to optimize your plant.


The gripping vacuum system KVG, Kenos Vacuum System, thanks to the double technology available, with check valve or with flow resistance, is able to satisfy the needs of various industrial segments and practical applications. The gripping system can be with integrated vacuum generation like predisposition for external vacuum generator (pump/blower).

The gripping surface is, depending on the application, formed of technical foam or suction pads with dimensions and characteristic variable.

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